2011 round up / 2012 warm up

What a year, phew. Cant remember how i started this year but it’s about to end now & here i am writing about it. Year 2011 has been full of downs & downs, i hit ‘rock bottom’ this year like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson grabbed my life by the neck & gave it a Rock Bottom 😦 i need to do a chinese get up to get back on my feet. Now i’m down the only place i can head is up.

This year has been full of disappointment, setbacks & the likes of it. Being an introvert emotionally i have a way of locking up all my pains inside where they keep digging deep till they are subsequently buried beneath. Not willing to share my personal or family problems here though   like how my father & our landlord would tie towel and wrapper respectively & start quarrelling in our face me i face you apartment

The year was quite tough & depressing, but on the bright side i’ve learnt alot from them

lessons not learnt in blood are soon forgotten, Source- Law abiding Citizen

I had less fun, 1 or 2 get aways but always managed to stay happy most of the time, even when there’s hardly any reason to be but the mere sake of happiness for happiness sake

Started blogging this year, so much fun reading and writing & i had the opportunity of learnt new things. Met a few good people this year, some via social networking others mutual friends. No much romance just minor flings here & there, nothing that can catapult into a long term relationship.

If my memory serves me right i said at the beginning of this year i wasn’t gonna have any resolution, apparently that was this was this year’s resolution. Wonder if that’s why the year turned out crappy? I know the new year resolution thing is hackneyed every new year as soon as the new year resolution craze starts by 1st of January & is always shortlived by the general majority.

Come 2012 i’ll try to make a Revolution resolution this time around, just a few positive changes which could bring about a big impact in the end. Just a few new routines Like 30press ups & sit ups when i wake up every morning. (i need those Will Smith abs) tweak my personality a bit, enact more planning & set more goals (no Yakubuing or nowadays Torresing)

In everything i remain happy & thankful to God for Life above all things & i wish all my Enemies GOODLUCK   Jonathan & my Friends Success in year 2012

Happy New Year ya’all

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About coolprincee

I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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4 Responses to 2011 round up / 2012 warm up

  1. hilda says:

    Cooprincee, seems like you jst spelled out my thoughts and reminisces for this outgoing year..just hoping nxt year holds more achievements and blessings for us..happy new year bro, God bless you.

  2. ironah2 says:

    May God keep everybody alive

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