Day 10

Hi peeps, it’s been a while i blogged (frigging long time actually) I’m not really a blogger by the way. I just manage to own a blog and i happened to have made a few blog posts. Well, here’s a little poetry of mine posted on a friends blog, one of my favorite blogs actually. her work is enchanting, enigmatic & enticing to say the very least. I’ll be back here, sooner or never. keep your fingers crossed but don’t hold your breadth. Adios

Phantom Pages

Hey! Today, I’ve got @coolprincee in the house with some of his poetry. Been having a lot of poetry here eh? Lol.
Anyway, READ!



I stare at him.

I see the reflection of a broken man,

scars on his face,

cuts deep into his soul.

Pale looking face,

seemingly emotionally frigid,

but I can tell he’s hurting deep inside.

His lips trying to move.

I hear the stories of painful past.

l stare into his dark eyes;

there’s a darkness in his soul.

his nostrils drawing in air,

life is suffocating.

I connect with him;

his pain is too much to feel.

I empathise with him.

Transfer aggression,

I can feel his rage clenched in my fists.

Impulsively, I throw a punch.

He shatters into a thousand pieces.

All I now feel is my blood soaked knuckle.

I see him in broken pieces,

In the broken MIRROR.



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2011 round up / 2012 warm up

What a year, phew. Cant remember how i started this year but it’s about to end now & here i am writing about it. Year 2011 has been full of downs & downs, i hit ‘rock bottom’ this year like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson grabbed my life by the neck & gave it a Rock Bottom 😦 i need to do a chinese get up to get back on my feet. Now i’m down the only place i can head is up.

This year has been full of disappointment, setbacks & the likes of it. Being an introvert emotionally i have a way of locking up all my pains inside where they keep digging deep till they are subsequently buried beneath. Not willing to share my personal or family problems here though   like how my father & our landlord would tie towel and wrapper respectively & start quarrelling in our face me i face you apartment

The year was quite tough & depressing, but on the bright side i’ve learnt alot from them

lessons not learnt in blood are soon forgotten, Source- Law abiding Citizen

I had less fun, 1 or 2 get aways but always managed to stay happy most of the time, even when there’s hardly any reason to be but the mere sake of happiness for happiness sake

Started blogging this year, so much fun reading and writing & i had the opportunity of learnt new things. Met a few good people this year, some via social networking others mutual friends. No much romance just minor flings here & there, nothing that can catapult into a long term relationship.

If my memory serves me right i said at the beginning of this year i wasn’t gonna have any resolution, apparently that was this was this year’s resolution. Wonder if that’s why the year turned out crappy? I know the new year resolution thing is hackneyed every new year as soon as the new year resolution craze starts by 1st of January & is always shortlived by the general majority.

Come 2012 i’ll try to make a Revolution resolution this time around, just a few positive changes which could bring about a big impact in the end. Just a few new routines Like 30press ups & sit ups when i wake up every morning. (i need those Will Smith abs) tweak my personality a bit, enact more planning & set more goals (no Yakubuing or nowadays Torresing)

In everything i remain happy & thankful to God for Life above all things & i wish all my Enemies GOODLUCK   Jonathan & my Friends Success in year 2012

Happy New Year ya’all

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Hi guys, i came across this Christmas Bucket list   below, it’s a list of good things to do in the spirit of Christmas.

1)Feed a homeless person
2)Help an old person/child cross the road
3)Wash a friend’s car
4)Go a whole day without cursing
5)Open doors for women
6)Help a pregnant woman carry her bag
7)Buy a Christmas gift for a total stranger.

After reading this list i thought it nice to share it wit my friends. Well, here’s what i think about it

1)Feed a homeless person-   where can i find homeless people in Nigeria?? i’m not so sure of a mentally sane population of homeless pple in Nigeria, so translation: Feed a 😯 Krase Person! Hehehe…do this at ur own risk. make sure the Krase person is not a violent one who’ll think that you want to poison him or her then shouts bekoning the crowd who’ll make you eat what your food to proove ur innocence. Yep! Krase pple are paranoid too *nodding head* never mind the worse case scenario i just contrived. Just be Nice enough to feed someone in need 🙂

2) Help an old person/child cross the road-   so easy, just make sure you know how to cross the road properly so that by doing this you’re not putting their lives in danger


3) Wash a friend’s car-   just strip your self of your ego but if u’re a hot chick you can keep the ego on & strip yourself of something else 😉 just be humble enough to give a helping hand.


4) Go a whole day without cursing-   this wouldn’t be easy for some of us that curse compulsively as if we’re cursed *sighs* especially while driving. you should know how many curses per mile we yell to our fellow bad   drivers out there, like “fucking Bastard!! Are you Blind?? Cant you see me cuming   Coming from your Left Hand side??” just curse in ur mind, punch em instead or curse em all who’ll annoy you in advance   do the angry face instead 👿 or better still just smile 🙂 & hope they come across your path tomorrow


5) Open doors for women-   this one is kinda sex-typed. If men are busy opening doors for women what’ll they be doing for us ❓ Never mind that, give them roses, open the door, show them you care by the look in your eyes, it’s little things that matter most in seasons like Christmas. do it for Luther Vandross   be a gentleman 😎 *opens door* “you’re welcome into my room, make yourself comfortable, shower is the door by the right, i’ll be back let me go grab the champagne” 😉


6) Help a pregnant woman carry her bag-   Be nice, this is an appropriate thing to do anytime of the year. Even if in a kinda scenario where she’s allegedly pregnant for you but you insist the pregnancy isn’t yours & u’re gonna throw   ‘carry’ her load outta the house you can go a long way to help her ‘carry’ it to the bus/stop or Park, just be nice 🙂

7) Buy a Christmas gift for a total stranger-   Yeah rite!   Just buy a Hublot wristwatch & give some passer by you’ve never met b4. 😕 You know Nigerians? How paranoid we are! 😐 As if they wont think you’re trying to use them for money making rituals. Ok, just walk up to some passerby & say “hi, excuse me please, in the spirit of this Xmas i’ll like to give a gift to someone i dont know so i’m giving you this *hands over gift then smiles* merry xmas” 🙂   That should work 🙂 unless of course the person shouts “help! help! This person won use me do juju oh…” 😮 *oops! Forgot to make arrangements for get a get away motorcycle*

Forget what i said, just go out there and do something good for the Christmas 🙂 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Advance


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Teacher John

Greetings mortals, as usual it’s always a lengthy period of time inbetween my posts, not longer than Kim Kardashian’s though 🙂 as usual i’ve just been busy on some dilettantish ish…u dig?

Well..this post was conceived in my mind but written by a friend of mine ( Jennyphar ) , one of d people who inspired me to blog. She’s a passionate writer, her stories are emotive, with this qualities i asked for her help in putting this story to paper. You can visit her blog

I take half responsibility in case of any #Gbagauns in the story because i edited it a little & i donate the other half of the responsibility to a charity foundation as a charitable citizen.

I finally decided to post this today because of Joycedavoice’s tweet

“Today’s ‘i love to write day’ founded in 2002 the world’s largest party for writers.celebrate by writing a poem, letter anyfin u like “



He removed the phone from his ear stared at it briefly in for a few seconds as the voice on the other end seemed to continue ranting endlessly, he put the mouth piece close to his mouth then retorted “I’m sorry Carol but it’s over”, “Hello, hello?” the female voice on the other end cried out but He hung up.

He sat under the tree in front of his compound relishing the cool of the evening, he couldn’t even be bothered. He’d finally estranged himself the loveless one sided relationship he’d been in.

”Teacher John”, a soft voice called out, He looked up and saw her. The girl with the big brown eyes that seemed to search one’s soul. She was quite plump, her skin light chocolate complexion & her dark hair weaved all back.
He’d noticed her the very first day he stepped into Federal government girls’ college Calabar.

He was fresh out of the University of Lagos and had just been posted to Calabar for his NYSC. He’d never left Lagos and so Calabar was new to him, She was different, nothing like the stuck up,superficial & materialistic girls he’d known all his life. Nothing like Carol.

Eventhough he fought the attraction with all his might, his chiselled face still gave way to a smile whenever he saw her. There was something about her. The way she smiled,the way her big brown eyes lit up whenever he taught the class something new, the way she said his name with her accent and always with the prefix ‘teacher’.

”Teacher John good evening”
”Good evening Mfon”
She had a tray of groundnuts sitting on her head. For the past eight months,he’d waited in front of the compound everyday to buy groundnuts from her. As she set the tray down on the ground, he reached into his back pocket, he realised that in his hurry to get outside where there was reception so he could call Carol he’d forgotten his wallet on his bed.
”Mfon follow me inside. I forgot my wallet”
She looked hesitant at first.
”Should I follow him inside? He’s teacher John. He’s not a stranger. Besides,I need to sit down” Mfon thought to herself.
Before Mfon could even make up her mind, she found herself already following him.

Teacher John’s house was simple & neat. 
”Sit down and have some water”
She obeyed. She was too tired to even argue.
Sitting led to eating and eating led to chatting and chatting led to laughing. Before she knew it, it was dark outside.
As Mfon walked back home and John cleared the dishes, they both thought about their time together. One thing reigned in both minds, they’d both found a friend in each other.

After school everyday for the next month, Mfon would go to teacher John’s house after selling most of her groundnuts and they would have lunch and talk for hours.
The days of that month seemed to breeze by and before they knew it, it was his last evening in Calabar.

”I’m leaving at 5am with the first bus” He said with his hand on her lap.
He was sitting so close that he was whispering.
”I’ll miss you Mfon” and then he kissed her, tasting the tenderness of her lips.
She didn’t kiss back but she didn’t stop him. He moved closely and embraced his arms around her 
She could feel his hands moving slowly on her back, he firm hands found it’s way through her plump bosom as she squinted her eyes then lean backwards, her clothes came off.
She could hav resisted but She wanted him to have her pride. Pride; that’s what her mother called it when she told her to keep it for her husband.
He wasn’t her husband but she loved him. She knew she couldn’t give him anything but herself.


“Take care of yourself oh! Call us everyday! Make sure you don’t follow all those useless London girls oh!”

“Mummy! I’m not going to primary school. I’m going for my Masters. I’m no longer a child ma. I’ll be fine!” John gave his mother a hug, put his luggage in the trunk and got in the car.
As they drove out of the gate, he suddenly remembered that he’d left his phone in his room.
”Daddy, stop the car please. I left my phone in my room”
”Hurry up or you’ll miss your flight” said his dad.
He got out of the car and ran into the house, running up the stairs in twos, He got to his room panting. His phone was ringing,unknown caller.
”Teacher John” said the small voice on the other end.
He froze.
He hadn’t heard her voice since that night before he left Calabar a month and two weeks ago. He could see the tears on her face and hear her soft sobs as she went home that night as if it was yesterday.
”Mfon” he whispered quietly into the phone
”Teacher John, I’m pregnant” she said

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Wats Up Blogville? It’s been a while i’ve been posted anything here, like most bloggers when this happens they usually do the old *cleaning dust & cobwebs* thing, i shouldn’t be doing that. I’m not one of the regular Blog Posters or one of those Famous bloggers you see on the blog Posters.
I’m just a relatively new lazy blogger. I’ve just been nominated for ‘Laziest New Blogger’ 😀 & there’s no way i’m not winning that, unless there’s a blogger who opened a blog named ‘Annual Blog’ to just to post only once a year. Who does that :-/
I think i lost my muse & i’m not really sure who or what it was before 😦
Anyway let’s cut to the chase, there’s something i want to introduce you to


Hi everybody meet my Pet ” Jack “, aint he such a cute fellow?
*Rubbing him on the head*
Jack’s my favourite & only pet,

I’ve had him since i was a kid, watched him grow through the years, he was a late bloomer but he’s now fully grown & he’s quite a large breed. He’s come of age now, i’m not expecting him to grow much anymore but i still have my hopes up 🙂
look at him, he’s such a hairy creature, he’s chocolate brown with some black hairs scattered around his body

I love Jack, he means everything to me, he’s my friend & family.
I cant imagine life without him, let’s just say i cant live without him, i’ll die if anything bad happens to him.

As his owner, it’s my responsibility to love & care for him. I already feel like a father.
One of my top priorities with Jack is keeping him clean, he’s kinda fond of gettin dirty, it’s just his nature. I gotta bathe him at least once everyday. He loves to play while bathing so sometimes it gets really nasty when i rub so much soap on his head, he’s got a really sensitive head.

Dont be fooled by his looks, Jack’s quite smart, he has a Mind of his own. I taught him how to Stand & Sit, alot of times he’ll just stand for no reasons. Most mornings i’ll wake up to see Jack ‘Standing’ right there in front of me, i usually smile, scratch his body rub him on the head then he’s good to go. Thats my simple way of telling him good morning.

My family’s quite happy with Jack, although i prefer to keep him away from my sisters, you know how girls are. Jack’s friendly with my friends especially the female ones, first time they see him they just stare in awe as they admire him then they rub & kiss him. Jack really loves that.

I’ve also trained him to carry out several tasks in different styles. Did doggy style come to your mind? Silly you, get your mind outta the gutter :-p

I must confess Jack could be such a silly creature at times, he doesn’t always obey me & even embarrasses me in public sometimes
I maintain the fact that irrespective of his misdemeanours, Jack is well behaved. You know the old saying; ‘every dog has it’s day’ yeah Yeah! Same applies to him

As u may already know I’m not exactly a CAT person but d strangest tin is that Jack is, He likes Pussies ;-), he just loves chasing them around just so he could play with them.

i know, i know 🙂 before u’ll start disproving me by explaining to me that he cant like cats…
Allow me ‘let the cat outta the bag’ Jack’s not a Dog.
JACK is the name i call my PENIS

dick head.jpg

if you read again, you’ll read between lines that is if you didn’t already do that

*side eye at @Terdoh *

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*1minute silence for all the departed souls lost at the defunct twin towers now Ground Zero* 😐

*background music playing> everyday a star is born< Jay Z ft J.Cole*

Some twenty something years ago, on a blissful afternoon in a small Southern town here in Nigeria, i was born (weighing in 3.15kg) to a beautiful young lady.
First thing i said to my mum was a CRY, i tried to tell her ‘it’s a cold world out here, everything was more cozy back in there”. she replied me with a comforting SMILE that meant “baby dont worry about a thing cos every little thing is gonna be all right, i’m here for you so i’ll do the best i can to see that you’re ok”
(my dad wasn’t around at the moment, he must have been somewhere trying to pay the bills)

So that was how my life started in a nutshell 😀 & for puns sake my life didn’t start in a nutshell.
That was the original birthday scenario or at least how i can imagine it, the subsequent ones would mostly entail mostly merry making, cake eating, beer drinking, Rice & Chicken eating, facebook wall posts, twitter mentions, offline messages, sms, phone calls etc etc as the case may be.

In recent years i’ve found solace in having a quiet time reminiscing on my life, tracing the routes i followed, actions i’ve taken & it’s repercussions i’ve faced. The biggest question being ‘what is my purpose on earth?’
Removing me from the equation ‘why are we all here?’ ‘To engage in earthly / mundane activities then in the end either be blessed to grace heavenly abode or cursed to perdition / eternal damnation (base on the your life style & exploits) ?’

After a while of ruminating i contrite then reverse to my default state of ebullience & jettisoning my previous melancholic mood.

It’s my birthday today so what do you think i’m doing? Let me tell ya, i’m making merry with my family, giving group hugs, taking soft pecks on the cheek, blowing out candles, making birthday wishes, licking ice creams & indulging myself doing all the crazy faces (i learnt from Jim Carey) for camera shots.
*suitable for all audience*


The sequel to the home celebration follows after i get some of my exuberant friends we’ll be having an orgy, have a few beers, just enough to forget it’s my birthday and make merryment for any other extraneous reason. I’ll excuse my self to the bar to order my favourite “i’ll have a bottle of Fine Scotch say twenty years old tops, i like it on rock (with ice)”
*collects whiskey, takes a sip then slams the glass softly on the bar before proceeding to light up a cuban cigar from an old wooden cigar box with a silver lighter*
*puffs puffs, sips then relaxes into a passionate mood*
(all done with the panache of an Al Pacino like character)
*Rated 18+*


Truth is due to some inundate circumstances my birthday this year would not be marked d way i’d wanted it but let’s see maybe by evening i’ll be able to come up with something creative to do, maybe with a few tricks down my sleeves i might still be able to pull a wabbit outta the hat. Dial a couple numbers, see if dem boys wanna play with the bull by the horns. If eventually something exciting happens i’ll be sure to let u know.

i remember my 1st birthday celebration…way back…. when M.J was still alive & black, when lindsay was still a straight & a virgin b4 she became hollywood’s definition of a bitch , when it was still a dollar to a naira, when BlackBerry was still a fruit & pins weren’t used to chat
*let me not bore you with my feeble comparisms*


not exactly the picture i’m trying to paint but i do hope you get the picture 🙂

What i’m trying to ask is if you remember your earliest birthday? Not necessarily remember but at least hav a picture to remind you of it. That softly coloured picture of you standing shyly in front of a cake embellished with a variety of soft drinks surrounding it, your mum & dad wearing an afro hair style that makes them look bright in their youth, your siblings standing beside you also looking young & tender alongside a few family & childhood friends you probably no longer know their whereabouts.

Every once in a long while when i see these kind of pictures i reminiscence on my youthful innocence, before the occurrence of a series of events that changed my life for better or for worse. I look back thru that window and try to see what i can learn from my past, try to peep through the key hole to try visualise how i can perfect my future.

The moral of the whole story should be: Birthdays shouldn’t be just cake & ice cream / alcohol & party days, it should also be a reminder that with each passing year you’re moving close to your grave, so you ought to look at your life through a prism so u can picture and paint a more vivid picture of it, after all we’re the Artists of our Lives.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’m proud to share today, my birthday with the likes of Yao Ming, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, Paul Walker, Jason Statham & a host of others great names who have achieved success in their different areas of endeavour.

ALSO: if you’ll wish me happy Birthday in the comment box pls try not to use the phrase ‘Have a Blast’ i’ve heard many times i’ve even thought of blowing up myself already 😀
i mean, isn’t that what you ought to tell a Suicide Bomber on his Birthday?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes i’ve received already. As for the “how old are you kweshun” i’m ’17 Again’
Finally i’m able to complete a blogpost within a day & not writing an article half way then allowing it end up in a rot away in my notepad amongst other posts already covered in dust in there.

P.S. Any gbagaunz, wrong spellings, typos & grammatical errors are to be blamed on my all my former English teachers ”\_(-_-)_/” & not d fact that i’m too tired or busy to go through this post again to check for corrections 😉

*drops pen*

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“when you see my face hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell, gives you hell,
when you walk my place hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell”

(sound of music playing in the earphones)

*removes earphones from my ears & gets hold of my senses again*

Well…that was me silently lip syncing the ‘All american Rejects- Hope it gives you hell’ track on an early saturday morning while walking the quiet streets & nodding my head with my hands positioned as if i were playing a guitar & earphones banging soft rock music in my ears blocking it from the serenity of a beautiful morning as i walk slowly along the pedestrian side of the street.

My mind in a temporary semi-trance state where my mind and soul connects through in a sort of fusion that releases alot of positive energy into me….
wow! I can barely even describe the whole feeling but i have a feeling someone already understands me, at least half of the people reading, if you’re a music lover.

Lets call it “musical Highness”. It is defined by The Oxford dictionary as ‘a type of Highness attained by Listening to music’. If you haven’t felt highness before then i have two advices for you
i) you might as well give it a shot with whatever substance of your choice, at least once just for the sake of practical experience. Experience is a very good teacher they say, first comes the test then you learn your lesson.
ii) dont take my first advice because you just might turn into an addict of any sort & it might go into record that you got the idea from my blog so please do save me that blame and the society of one more drug / alcohol related addict aka Lindsay Lohan / Bobby Brown. Thank you.

Also I really hope you’re not curious or dumb enough to actually go check up Musical Highness in an Oxford dictionary? If you are make sure you Use Oxford dictionary for Retarded’ll serve you better 😀

*i’m straying off the topic again with frivolities*

Like so many other people i love music, good music…let’s not be mistaking on that. I’m into a variety of ‘Good Music’, quite funny that one of my favourite artistes Kanye West has a record label called G.O.O.D Music.

I listen to a variety of music genre namely Rap, soft rock, Hip Hop, Country, Reggae, Old School Classics, Pop etc etc. Basically any song thats pleasurable to my ear, thoughtful to my mind or danceable by my body 😐 *side eye at anybody that stands to question my dancing ability*
I’ve been practising that ‘passing current’ move since whenever, i only need like a few more years to perfect it 😉 i also hav a few more moves up my sleeves & down my shorts too.
I love dancing, YES! Especially most mornings in the bathroom while in the bathtub listening to music from my phone.

*i can tell there’s somebody here reading with very lucid & vivid imagination who is already trying to picture a brother (in slow motion) wet & naked rubbing soap on his broad shoulders, masculine chest & muscular thorax and at the same time dancing & swinging his phallic from left to right like a pendulum*

(if you’re a girl “dont worry i understand you’re just imagining the uncut version of one of those ‘Soap commercials’,for me nothing wrong with that 🙂
If you’re a boy “Tufiakwa!”
*clears throat & spits on the ground* )

i’ll usually leave my phone playing some music while i’m singing along, dancing & at the same time bathing..what a combination huh? Tell your music producer to give me a soap, some beats & 3hours in the bathroom, i’ll give him a grammy winning album 😀 . I cane even do the MoonWalk (famous Michael Jackson dance move) in the bathtub 😀 i’m just kidding, thats like saying ‘you can jump 6ft in the air on a trampoline’ everybody can do a moon walk in the bathtub, ofcourse it’s slippery….

You should try it at your own risk, i know of and have also heard of people that lost their lives in the bathroom because they slipped fell but thats not gonna stop me. May their gentle soul R.I.P

(not piss because
they died in the bathroom but peace)

I’m so good at dancing that the only guy i know thats better than me is the other guy i see when i’m dancing in front of the mirror 😀 . I usually prefer not to dance publicly except while in a scene where everybody else is dancing i.e in a club. If you happen to see me dancing alone please dont give me that confused :-/ look that translates into ‘Hey what kinda dance move is that?’

So…back to the main Topic > I need music for alot of things. Rock music serves as a stimulant for jogging, i do have a ‘jogging playlist’ i use whenever i’m jogging & whenever that ‘animals by Nickelback’ track comes on i get an adrenaline rush that gives me a temporary nitro boost which makes me run as fast as ‘a dude trying to escape a bullet from an angry father the a girl whom he chopped her coconut .

I also enjoy listening to music while doing laundry, usually since this falls on saturdays so i opt for Radio cos radio is always Hot on saturdays, funny enough i’m a fan of COOL FM (my favourite radio station) & other exciting radio stations. I’m a bit of a radio junkie too.
I can go on & on….yada yada yada but i’m running outta ink here (flimsy excuse, i’m typing on my keypad) Here’s a little piece of poetry i wrote about Music, i hope you connect to it


food for the soul

refreshment for the spirit

sound that vibrates to the beat of your heart

expressed by the vocal cords

syncing with rhythms

spoken by the tongue,

felt by the soul

as your ears listens

your heart understands

explained in different verses

emphasised by a repeated chorus

embellished with words

expressed by different vocal chords

beautified by the Harmony of musical sounds in rhythm

a lucid voice to hit the right pitch

luxurious in symphony

emotive as a rhapsody

orchestrated to an orchestra

it cuts through your heart- feel your pain bleed away

when it touches your soul- it’s like a drop of Gold

lightens up your spirit- it’s like a firefly seen in the dept of the night

PS: Thanks for reading, you can drop your comments below.

*Music plays in the Background
> (The Boss Remix by Rick Ross ft Lil Wayne & T-Pain) >
“Who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say?…I made a couple million dollars last year dealing…” *

*putting back on my earphones & walking away from the screen*

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Greetings Blogville *smiling sheepishly while waving at an almost empty audience* 🙂 as the title of the this post implies this is ‘Just my 2nd Blog Post’ since not so long ago i joined Blogville. I’ve found so many good Blogs out there owned by other very passionate & prolific writers whom i admire their work. I’ve been reading, commenting and also followed alot of interesting nigerian blogs so if i followed your blog kindly follow back too :-D. It’s a Twitter thingy if you know what i mean #TeamFollowBack.

I also registered my blog at , it’s a site containing the list of most blogs belonging to nigerians, they function primaryly to organise annual awards to befitting bloggers with distincting articles in various categories & to the best of my knowledge is very credible.
Dont get it twisted, blogging is not a competition, it’s a passionate hobby of writing to express one’s self while educating & entertaining readers with your articles. The award does not go with any monetary price but rather a recognition of excellence & talent in Blogville.

I’m still so new here, hardly even stand a chance of winning anything yet , not with the bullshit i’ve not yet even written 😐 . There’s a category for ‘best new blogger’ though, i can at least aim for that. I believe in myself, i’m confident i’m a good writter & will improve with time, dedication & hardwork. Usually i need inspiration to write, there’s a certain mood that inspires me to write. Pain brings out the poet in me, in times of Anger i write some dark poems, other times i just get some random idea to write on or a lyrical Punchline a rapper would kill for or a maybe just a short witty quote / joke i’ll post on my Facebook wall (my facebook friends know what i mean)

Usually a good article often takes time for it to mature, just like women & fine wine 😉 . Before writing a piece, it is usually either conceived by an idea, provoked by an emotion or inspired by a real life event / scenario. Let’s say you’re in an examination hall & asked instructed as such ‘In less that 300words write on why you think blogging is fun’ & given a time limit it’s quite difficult to write a good article at a stretch. At that you’ll see that if given more time to think more & meditate you definitely would have done better. Sometimes after even thinking i’ve completed a write up when i revisit it i find out there’s still a thing or two to add or subtract in order to improve on the article.

In the end the ostensible reason for all this explanation is a good reason for my inability to post as often as most other bloggers do.
My last post was just a mere ‘Ostentatious Introduction to Myself & Blog’. Soon i hope to be blogging more on Humourous / witty stories & thoughts of myself , sometimes poetry, occasionally fictional stories and any other content i deem fit to post.
My First Blog post wasn’t on any subject, story or topic particular, just introduced myself & my blog, nothing serious, got a few good comments but thats not all, i had 1 hater comment that read as such

“Wat kinda boring ass blog is dis??? I cudnt even get 2 d 2nd paragraph, n ur name is princewil??? Seriouslly ur parents shud b floged”

The name was clearly spelt out in the e-mail so it was definitely a girl. My parents should be flogged?? Seriously?? Now whose mama didn’t teach who manners?? I bet her Momma was so Dumb she thought Manners (manna) fell from heaven . I’m just gonna keep it cool, not gonna rain any abuses on the little rass ignorant bitch 🙂 i’ll just let this one slide. I believe Haters are a sign that you’re doing good. Just before Elvis Presley started singing he sang to someone who told him to stick to truck driving which he was into at the time but if he had been discouraged we wouldn’t have had our ‘Elvis the King’ (cant remember the source of this story though) he’d have just ended up a Fat truck driver instead of a Fat Famous Pop icon.

One day i’ll hopefully win an award, could be any award ranging from the nigerian blog award to orange fiction award, grammies, oscars, golden globe, MTV…yada yada. I’ll shed that dramatic tear of joy while smiling and lifting the award up to show all while with the microphone in my other hand as i give that same Clichéd speech thanking my Fans & management for their support, telling them i did it for and couldn’t do it without them. In the back of my mind i still remembered those who dissed me like ‘you can know guess who’ and others who didn’t believe in me.

I draw my inspiration from both my pro and anti parties so haters only serve their function to inspire me & make me strive harder to achieve that which they didn’t think i would be able to succeed in. This applies to all life endeavours, not just this blogging thing. *crickets*
Thanks for reading & allowing me waste your time 😀 My next post is almost done & should premiere sometime soon it’ll not be as boring as this one *yawns*.
Bye for now till the next post we blog again greet your mummy for me oh, tell her say i go come chop rice on sunday 🙂 *waving hands excitedly*

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Hi, my name’s Princewill Ejirika and you? doesn’t usually go that way for an informal introduction, it’s usually first name first followed by your name’s abbreviation or nickname then later comes the surname. i.e “my name is Princewill but you can call me Princee or my friends call me Princee” bla bla bla. By the way my friends dont call me Princee & i prefer not to be called Prince, it’s kinda common already. I prefer my name in full as ‘Princewill’, to be the Prince with a will as some of my friends fondly interpreted the meaning of my name. Besides whats a Prince without his Will? *wink*
Arghh…i hate introductions it kinda brings out that shy part of me, enough said. No need for my middle name it’s reserved for use by mostly my mum as my pet name & family to tease me with. You probably already know me by my screen alias “COOLPRINCEE” which is also my ID on almost all social network etc which i’m registered on i.e FaceBook, Twitter, Mig33, 2go, myspace, skype etc etc. I’m a bit of an internet junkie to say the very least & now i have a blog,it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna make my internet addiction any better. By the way this is 2011, i mean, what is internet addiction when so many people now use the internet on daily basis with their laptops, smart phones, tablet pc’s & the likes of them. Besides every body has an addiction whether good or bad, whether you know it or not & whether you choose to admit it or not. This is just by ‘the way and by the bush’ as one of my secondary school teachers used to say back then, as for me when i bring up something extra i usually say “I’m just saying”, you might be hearing more of that later!
I attended one Primary school like that which at the time was close to my neighborhood then a secondary school which was not close so i enrolled as a boarder & proceeded into a university which i was able to secure their admission to study a course which wasn’t part of my childhood dream.
I hail from Abia state so i’m a confirm Igbo boy *Igbo kwenu– hailing in igbo language* but i’m not a tribalist though, just proud of my roots & i hope you’re proud of yours too. I appreciate our ethnic diversity at the very least even though it’s one of the main cause of Nigeria’s problems on the good side it has given us many good things like Hausa man’s suya, Yoruba woman’s amala, Uhrobo woman’s Starch, Igbo man’s Spare parts, Calabar girls in general etc etc
I was actually born in the southern part of Nigeria, part of where i found my roots in. I was bread and buttered in Lagos (no mean say i be ajé butter sha)
I’m average height (5’11ft) with average build. Well…i’m an easy goin guy, simple fellow, good looking (fine boy, small pimples but i have dimples ).
*insert all other good things people say about themselves that doesn’t always turn out to be true* yeah yeah!
I may have an innocent looking face as people may think (whatever makes them assume such i know not) but i must confess there’s a tiny little demon locked up somewhere within so i’m no angel neither am i the Grim Reaper, i’m just a normal guy (not so normal by the way) that has both good and bad sides.
People that dont know me think I’m shy & quiet but my real friends know i’m quite CRAZY (not Lindsay Lohan kinda crazy but Jim Carey kinda crazy ) I love to laugh so i enjoy cracking jokes as one of my hobbies. I have a very good sense of humour, i think my sense of humour is higher than my IQ so if my sense of humour is measured by IQ standards it’s safe for me to assume myself as a Genius, that is Humour Wise. Hey I’m just hyping myself, i have the right to. Dont i? I may not be funny to you but I’m funny to me & a couple others. If i cracked a joke that didn’t make you laugh it’s most likely as a result of your lack of humour & understanding, either way i had a good laugh too bad you didn’t :p *tongue out* .
What i’m just trying to say here is that i love to laugh so if there’s no Adam Sandler or Chris Rock by my side i can get the job done by myself. There’s really almost nothing as good as a good laugh, well maybe sex but as the case may be there’s sometimes a feeling of guilt after sex *insert several causes here* but laughter? I don’t think so!
Hey this is adult talk close ur eyes if you’re less than 14years old & you’re reading this. 14years old i said, you heard me right, children of nowadays don spoil well well oh, don’t even think of asking me what i did or didn’t know when i was 14.
As for me if it’s a blind old woman that tripped off a banana peel & fell into a septic-tank a.k.a soak-away pit that makes a good laugh, Hell Yah I’ll laugh my ass off. OK…but honestly if it’s a real life scenario I’ll definitely prevent it from happening if i can anyway (just trying to be sensitive). As for the example “I was just saying” but i come to think about it i just realised sex and laughter could be similar in ways, you think about it. I may blog about it someday.
*someone taps me from the shoulder and whispers into my ears saying “you’re supposed to be talking about yourself here & blog! Whats all the other stuff about?”
Where was i again?
**scrolls up to read then scrolls down again**

Ok…ok…well…this is my blog
remember the name,
it’s titled
“The Witty Will of Coolprincee”
dont bother asking how i came about that, i’m thinking i should change it, just not sure yet, the other option is
‘Willful Thinking: a picture of my mind in Words’
Please feel free commenting on this post after reading it and i’ll appreciate suggestions on any other suitable title you might have or which of the Titles you prefer. Also try make comment & be as honest as possible, just say whatever you wanna say about it, nobody is gonna bite you..well at least not me. I really know what you think about my writings because thats part of the fun of it; expressing oneself and hearing other people’s candid opinions about it.
There’s a button for sharing this post on facebook and twitter so please use it if you like the post. Dont forget to visit again, there will be more exciting posts coming your way soon. You must have noticed the blog is not looking quite lame, i barely know how to manipulate it yet but soon when i master the controls i’ll be able to apply my creative genius to make look better for now it’s just good enough for you to be able to read all the jibber jabber i wrote. I’m not trying to win an orange prize for fiction here *duhh* I’m just having fun with my keypad while trying to introduce myself and blog in a kinda grotesque way *geeky smile*
I’m actually quite new to this Blog thing, i picked interest after reading a few reading interesting blogs. I have always wanted to write, i find the creativity of writers fascinating so part of my wants to be one, so here i am kick-starting my writing semi-writing career as a blogger. Maybe someday i would own a book to my, 2a exercise book maybe or at least my own biography because at a point in my life i’ll want to tell the story of my life so the world gotta listen but till then i remain your one and only……yours truly….you already know.
Also please do register/subscribe to this blog so you’ll be notified of new posts in the future.

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