Wats Up Blogville? It’s been a while i’ve been posted anything here, like most bloggers when this happens they usually do the old *cleaning dust & cobwebs* thing, i shouldn’t be doing that. I’m not one of the regular Blog Posters or one of those Famous bloggers you see on the blog Posters.
I’m just a relatively new lazy blogger. I’ve just been nominated for ‘Laziest New Blogger’ 😀 & there’s no way i’m not winning that, unless there’s a blogger who opened a blog named ‘Annual Blog’ to just to post only once a year. Who does that :-/
I think i lost my muse & i’m not really sure who or what it was before 😦
Anyway let’s cut to the chase, there’s something i want to introduce you to


Hi everybody meet my Pet ” Jack “, aint he such a cute fellow?
*Rubbing him on the head*
Jack’s my favourite & only pet,

I’ve had him since i was a kid, watched him grow through the years, he was a late bloomer but he’s now fully grown & he’s quite a large breed. He’s come of age now, i’m not expecting him to grow much anymore but i still have my hopes up 🙂
look at him, he’s such a hairy creature, he’s chocolate brown with some black hairs scattered around his body

I love Jack, he means everything to me, he’s my friend & family.
I cant imagine life without him, let’s just say i cant live without him, i’ll die if anything bad happens to him.

As his owner, it’s my responsibility to love & care for him. I already feel like a father.
One of my top priorities with Jack is keeping him clean, he’s kinda fond of gettin dirty, it’s just his nature. I gotta bathe him at least once everyday. He loves to play while bathing so sometimes it gets really nasty when i rub so much soap on his head, he’s got a really sensitive head.

Dont be fooled by his looks, Jack’s quite smart, he has a Mind of his own. I taught him how to Stand & Sit, alot of times he’ll just stand for no reasons. Most mornings i’ll wake up to see Jack ‘Standing’ right there in front of me, i usually smile, scratch his body rub him on the head then he’s good to go. Thats my simple way of telling him good morning.

My family’s quite happy with Jack, although i prefer to keep him away from my sisters, you know how girls are. Jack’s friendly with my friends especially the female ones, first time they see him they just stare in awe as they admire him then they rub & kiss him. Jack really loves that.

I’ve also trained him to carry out several tasks in different styles. Did doggy style come to your mind? Silly you, get your mind outta the gutter :-p

I must confess Jack could be such a silly creature at times, he doesn’t always obey me & even embarrasses me in public sometimes
I maintain the fact that irrespective of his misdemeanours, Jack is well behaved. You know the old saying; ‘every dog has it’s day’ yeah Yeah! Same applies to him

As u may already know I’m not exactly a CAT person but d strangest tin is that Jack is, He likes Pussies ;-), he just loves chasing them around just so he could play with them.

i know, i know 🙂 before u’ll start disproving me by explaining to me that he cant like cats…
Allow me ‘let the cat outta the bag’ Jack’s not a Dog.
JACK is the name i call my PENIS

dick head.jpg

if you read again, you’ll read between lines that is if you didn’t already do that

*side eye at @Terdoh *

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I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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9 Responses to Meet JACK

  1. femoursky says:

    yes boss…dats jack alryt!… Iv got a pet like jack too,i call him ”the little man”…! Dnt b foold b his stature,he sure is obviously dangerous…

  2. Hi Jack…I am Jill…I have heard a lot about u.

  3. Kemmiiii says:

    Okayy. I figured tho.

  4. jhymy says:

    Funny post…nice!

  5. Olabisi eniola says:

    Hi jack how are u chilling

  6. ade says:

    i love your message

  7. Gloria cyprain says:

    Hi jack think of something better that’s too poor. More research for better ones.

  8. weird_oo says:

    I must be perverted. Knew. I just did

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