*1minute silence for all the departed souls lost at the defunct twin towers now Ground Zero* 😐

*background music playing> everyday a star is born< Jay Z ft J.Cole*

Some twenty something years ago, on a blissful afternoon in a small Southern town here in Nigeria, i was born (weighing in 3.15kg) to a beautiful young lady.
First thing i said to my mum was a CRY, i tried to tell her ‘it’s a cold world out here, everything was more cozy back in there”. she replied me with a comforting SMILE that meant “baby dont worry about a thing cos every little thing is gonna be all right, i’m here for you so i’ll do the best i can to see that you’re ok”
(my dad wasn’t around at the moment, he must have been somewhere trying to pay the bills)

So that was how my life started in a nutshell 😀 & for puns sake my life didn’t start in a nutshell.
That was the original birthday scenario or at least how i can imagine it, the subsequent ones would mostly entail mostly merry making, cake eating, beer drinking, Rice & Chicken eating, facebook wall posts, twitter mentions, offline messages, sms, phone calls etc etc as the case may be.

In recent years i’ve found solace in having a quiet time reminiscing on my life, tracing the routes i followed, actions i’ve taken & it’s repercussions i’ve faced. The biggest question being ‘what is my purpose on earth?’
Removing me from the equation ‘why are we all here?’ ‘To engage in earthly / mundane activities then in the end either be blessed to grace heavenly abode or cursed to perdition / eternal damnation (base on the your life style & exploits) ?’

After a while of ruminating i contrite then reverse to my default state of ebullience & jettisoning my previous melancholic mood.

It’s my birthday today so what do you think i’m doing? Let me tell ya, i’m making merry with my family, giving group hugs, taking soft pecks on the cheek, blowing out candles, making birthday wishes, licking ice creams & indulging myself doing all the crazy faces (i learnt from Jim Carey) for camera shots.
*suitable for all audience*


The sequel to the home celebration follows after i get some of my exuberant friends we’ll be having an orgy, have a few beers, just enough to forget it’s my birthday and make merryment for any other extraneous reason. I’ll excuse my self to the bar to order my favourite “i’ll have a bottle of Fine Scotch say twenty years old tops, i like it on rock (with ice)”
*collects whiskey, takes a sip then slams the glass softly on the bar before proceeding to light up a cuban cigar from an old wooden cigar box with a silver lighter*
*puffs puffs, sips then relaxes into a passionate mood*
(all done with the panache of an Al Pacino like character)
*Rated 18+*


Truth is due to some inundate circumstances my birthday this year would not be marked d way i’d wanted it but let’s see maybe by evening i’ll be able to come up with something creative to do, maybe with a few tricks down my sleeves i might still be able to pull a wabbit outta the hat. Dial a couple numbers, see if dem boys wanna play with the bull by the horns. If eventually something exciting happens i’ll be sure to let u know.

i remember my 1st birthday celebration…way back…. when M.J was still alive & black, when lindsay was still a straight & a virgin b4 she became hollywood’s definition of a bitch , when it was still a dollar to a naira, when BlackBerry was still a fruit & pins weren’t used to chat
*let me not bore you with my feeble comparisms*


not exactly the picture i’m trying to paint but i do hope you get the picture 🙂

What i’m trying to ask is if you remember your earliest birthday? Not necessarily remember but at least hav a picture to remind you of it. That softly coloured picture of you standing shyly in front of a cake embellished with a variety of soft drinks surrounding it, your mum & dad wearing an afro hair style that makes them look bright in their youth, your siblings standing beside you also looking young & tender alongside a few family & childhood friends you probably no longer know their whereabouts.

Every once in a long while when i see these kind of pictures i reminiscence on my youthful innocence, before the occurrence of a series of events that changed my life for better or for worse. I look back thru that window and try to see what i can learn from my past, try to peep through the key hole to try visualise how i can perfect my future.

The moral of the whole story should be: Birthdays shouldn’t be just cake & ice cream / alcohol & party days, it should also be a reminder that with each passing year you’re moving close to your grave, so you ought to look at your life through a prism so u can picture and paint a more vivid picture of it, after all we’re the Artists of our Lives.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’m proud to share today, my birthday with the likes of Yao Ming, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, Paul Walker, Jason Statham & a host of others great names who have achieved success in their different areas of endeavour.

ALSO: if you’ll wish me happy Birthday in the comment box pls try not to use the phrase ‘Have a Blast’ i’ve heard many times i’ve even thought of blowing up myself already 😀
i mean, isn’t that what you ought to tell a Suicide Bomber on his Birthday?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes i’ve received already. As for the “how old are you kweshun” i’m ’17 Again’
Finally i’m able to complete a blogpost within a day & not writing an article half way then allowing it end up in a rot away in my notepad amongst other posts already covered in dust in there.

P.S. Any gbagaunz, wrong spellings, typos & grammatical errors are to be blamed on my all my former English teachers ”\_(-_-)_/” & not d fact that i’m too tired or busy to go through this post again to check for corrections 😉

*drops pen*

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I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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9 Responses to BIRTHDAY BLUES

  1. dhamilola says:


  2. Kemmiiii says:

    Happy Birthday hun.

  3. mauwizo says:

    happy birthday, nice piece. enjoy ur day and keep being focused to ur dreams. all the best

  4. Adekanye adeyinka says:

    You don’s your day have fun.

  5. obi_jay says:

    hapi baidayyyy! HAVE A BLAST joor! lol

  6. DANIEL says:

    glory be to God 4 everytin in dis life, life is all about sharing either gud or bad let us smile

  7. Nicely written bro…really when MJ was alive N black, birthdays were different then…my biggest birthday party was my 1year old bday party…well, that’s what they told me, twas fun then, i presume but now all one gets is a fb post saying HBD…they cant even write it in FOOL…

  8. Aqbqr says:

    Cool peops you share birthday with, I’ve been digging that Statham dude lately.

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