“when you see my face hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell, gives you hell,
when you walk my place hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell”

(sound of music playing in the earphones)

*removes earphones from my ears & gets hold of my senses again*

Well…that was me silently lip syncing the ‘All american Rejects- Hope it gives you hell’ track on an early saturday morning while walking the quiet streets & nodding my head with my hands positioned as if i were playing a guitar & earphones banging soft rock music in my ears blocking it from the serenity of a beautiful morning as i walk slowly along the pedestrian side of the street.

My mind in a temporary semi-trance state where my mind and soul connects through in a sort of fusion that releases alot of positive energy into me….
wow! I can barely even describe the whole feeling but i have a feeling someone already understands me, at least half of the people reading, if you’re a music lover.

Lets call it “musical Highness”. It is defined by The Oxford dictionary as ‘a type of Highness attained by Listening to music’. If you haven’t felt highness before then i have two advices for you
i) you might as well give it a shot with whatever substance of your choice, at least once just for the sake of practical experience. Experience is a very good teacher they say, first comes the test then you learn your lesson.
ii) dont take my first advice because you just might turn into an addict of any sort & it might go into record that you got the idea from my blog so please do save me that blame and the society of one more drug / alcohol related addict aka Lindsay Lohan / Bobby Brown. Thank you.

Also I really hope you’re not curious or dumb enough to actually go check up Musical Highness in an Oxford dictionary? If you are make sure you Use Oxford dictionary for Retarded’ll serve you better πŸ˜€

*i’m straying off the topic again with frivolities*

Like so many other people i love music, good music…let’s not be mistaking on that. I’m into a variety of ‘Good Music’, quite funny that one of my favourite artistes Kanye West has a record label called G.O.O.D Music.

I listen to a variety of music genre namely Rap, soft rock, Hip Hop, Country, Reggae, Old School Classics, Pop etc etc. Basically any song thats pleasurable to my ear, thoughtful to my mind or danceable by my body 😐 *side eye at anybody that stands to question my dancing ability*
I’ve been practising that ‘passing current’ move since whenever, i only need like a few more years to perfect it πŸ˜‰ i also hav a few more moves up my sleeves & down my shorts too.
I love dancing, YES! Especially most mornings in the bathroom while in the bathtub listening to music from my phone.

*i can tell there’s somebody here reading with very lucid & vivid imagination who is already trying to picture a brother (in slow motion) wet & naked rubbing soap on his broad shoulders, masculine chest & muscular thorax and at the same time dancing & swinging his phallic from left to right like a pendulum*

(if you’re a girl “dont worry i understand you’re just imagining the uncut version of one of those ‘Soap commercials’,for me nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚
If you’re a boy “Tufiakwa!”
*clears throat & spits on the ground* )

i’ll usually leave my phone playing some music while i’m singing along, dancing & at the same time bathing..what a combination huh? Tell your music producer to give me a soap, some beats & 3hours in the bathroom, i’ll give him a grammy winning album πŸ˜€ . I cane even do the MoonWalk (famous Michael Jackson dance move) in the bathtub πŸ˜€ i’m just kidding, thats like saying ‘you can jump 6ft in the air on a trampoline’ everybody can do a moon walk in the bathtub, ofcourse it’s slippery….

You should try it at your own risk, i know of and have also heard of people that lost their lives in the bathroom because they slipped fell but thats not gonna stop me. May their gentle soul R.I.P

(not piss because
they died in the bathroom but peace)

I’m so good at dancing that the only guy i know thats better than me is the other guy i see when i’m dancing in front of the mirror πŸ˜€ . I usually prefer not to dance publicly except while in a scene where everybody else is dancing i.e in a club. If you happen to see me dancing alone please dont give me that confused :-/ look that translates into ‘Hey what kinda dance move is that?’

So…back to the main Topic > I need music for alot of things. Rock music serves as a stimulant for jogging, i do have a ‘jogging playlist’ i use whenever i’m jogging & whenever that ‘animals by Nickelback’ track comes on i get an adrenaline rush that gives me a temporary nitro boost which makes me run as fast as ‘a dude trying to escape a bullet from an angry father the a girl whom he chopped her coconut .

I also enjoy listening to music while doing laundry, usually since this falls on saturdays so i opt for Radio cos radio is always Hot on saturdays, funny enough i’m a fan of COOL FM (my favourite radio station) & other exciting radio stations. I’m a bit of a radio junkie too.
I can go on & on….yada yada yada but i’m running outta ink here (flimsy excuse, i’m typing on my keypad) Here’s a little piece of poetry i wrote about Music, i hope you connect to it


food for the soul

refreshment for the spirit

sound that vibrates to the beat of your heart

expressed by the vocal cords

syncing with rhythms

spoken by the tongue,

felt by the soul

as your ears listens

your heart understands

explained in different verses

emphasised by a repeated chorus

embellished with words

expressed by different vocal chords

beautified by the Harmony of musical sounds in rhythm

a lucid voice to hit the right pitch

luxurious in symphony

emotive as a rhapsody

orchestrated to an orchestra

it cuts through your heart- feel your pain bleed away

when it touches your soul- it’s like a drop of Gold

lightens up your spirit- it’s like a firefly seen in the dept of the night

PS: Thanks for reading, you can drop your comments below.

*Music plays in the Background
> (The Boss Remix by Rick Ross ft Lil Wayne & T-Pain) >
“Who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say?…I made a couple million dollars last year dealing…” *

*putting back on my earphones & walking away from the screen*

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I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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10 Responses to MUSIC, MORNING & ME

  1. Xbone says:

    Music is my shit!!! Two main genres for me tho—-RAP-ROCK(s)……….get it?? Nice post…love it!!

  2. coolprincee says:

    Yeah…sure i 😎

  3. obi_jay says:

    “Tell your music producer to give me a soap, some beats & 3hours in the bathroom, i’ll give him a grammy winning album”

    hmmn…guy take it easy with d soaps o! never knw dats where u draw your inspiration from…lol. u should get a lotion, when the soap is used up. πŸ™‚ Nice post!

  4. …pass the current and see me do the creep walk.

  5. I’m a rocker to the hilt. And I kinda hate rap.

  6. k square says:

    k here i am

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