Greetings Blogville *smiling sheepishly while waving at an almost empty audience* πŸ™‚ as the title of the this post implies this is ‘Just my 2nd Blog Post’ since not so long ago i joined Blogville. I’ve found so many good Blogs out there owned by other very passionate & prolific writers whom i admire their work. I’ve been reading, commenting and also followed alot of interesting nigerian blogs so if i followed your blog kindly follow back too :-D. It’s a Twitter thingy if you know what i mean #TeamFollowBack.

I also registered my blog at www.NigerianBlogAwards.com , it’s a site containing the list of most blogs belonging to nigerians, they function primaryly to organise annual awards to befitting bloggers with distincting articles in various categories & to the best of my knowledge is very credible.
Dont get it twisted, blogging is not a competition, it’s a passionate hobby of writing to express one’s self while educating & entertaining readers with your articles. The award does not go with any monetary price but rather a recognition of excellence & talent in Blogville.

I’m still so new here, hardly even stand a chance of winning anything yet , not with the bullshit i’ve not yet even written 😐 . There’s a category for ‘best new blogger’ though, i can at least aim for that. I believe in myself, i’m confident i’m a good writter & will improve with time, dedication & hardwork. Usually i need inspiration to write, there’s a certain mood that inspires me to write. Pain brings out the poet in me, in times of Anger i write some dark poems, other times i just get some random idea to write on or a lyrical Punchline a rapper would kill for or a maybe just a short witty quote / joke i’ll post on my Facebook wall (my facebook friends know what i mean)

Usually a good article often takes time for it to mature, just like women & fine wine πŸ˜‰ . Before writing a piece, it is usually either conceived by an idea, provoked by an emotion or inspired by a real life event / scenario. Let’s say you’re in an examination hall & asked instructed as such ‘In less that 300words write on why you think blogging is fun’ & given a time limit it’s quite difficult to write a good article at a stretch. At that you’ll see that if given more time to think more & meditate you definitely would have done better. Sometimes after even thinking i’ve completed a write up when i revisit it i find out there’s still a thing or two to add or subtract in order to improve on the article.

In the end the ostensible reason for all this explanation is a good reason for my inability to post as often as most other bloggers do.
My last post was just a mere ‘Ostentatious Introduction to Myself & Blog’. Soon i hope to be blogging more on Humourous / witty stories & thoughts of myself , sometimes poetry, occasionally fictional stories and any other content i deem fit to post.
My First Blog post wasn’t on any subject, story or topic particular, just introduced myself & my blog, nothing serious, got a few good comments but thats not all, i had 1 hater comment that read as such

“Wat kinda boring ass blog is dis??? I cudnt even get 2 d 2nd paragraph, n ur name is princewil??? Seriouslly ur parents shud b floged”

The name was clearly spelt out in the e-mail so it was definitely a girl. My parents should be flogged?? Seriously?? Now whose mama didn’t teach who manners?? I bet her Momma was so Dumb she thought Manners (manna) fell from heaven . I’m just gonna keep it cool, not gonna rain any abuses on the little rass ignorant bitch πŸ™‚ i’ll just let this one slide. I believe Haters are a sign that you’re doing good. Just before Elvis Presley started singing he sang to someone who told him to stick to truck driving which he was into at the time but if he had been discouraged we wouldn’t have had our ‘Elvis the King’ (cant remember the source of this story though) he’d have just ended up a Fat truck driver instead of a Fat Famous Pop icon.

One day i’ll hopefully win an award, could be any award ranging from the nigerian blog award to orange fiction award, grammies, oscars, golden globe, MTV…yada yada. I’ll shed that dramatic tear of joy while smiling and lifting the award up to show all while with the microphone in my other hand as i give that same ClichΓ©d speech thanking my Fans & management for their support, telling them i did it for and couldn’t do it without them. In the back of my mind i still remembered those who dissed me like ‘you can know guess who’ and others who didn’t believe in me.

I draw my inspiration from both my pro and anti parties so haters only serve their function to inspire me & make me strive harder to achieve that which they didn’t think i would be able to succeed in. This applies to all life endeavours, not just this blogging thing. *crickets*
Thanks for reading & allowing me waste your time πŸ˜€ My next post is almost done & should premiere sometime soon it’ll not be as boring as this one *yawns*.
Bye for now till the next post we blog again greet your mummy for me oh, tell her say i go come chop rice on sunday πŸ™‚ *waving hands excitedly*

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About coolprincee

I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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8 Responses to JUST MY 2ND BLOG POST

  1. terdoh says:

    Aim higher jor!

  2. Kemmiiii says:

    I agree with Terdoh.
    You also have to remember that your haters are your biggest fans.

  3. coolprincee says:

    i surely would aim higher…1 step before the other…when i climb a certain height i’ll be able to get a good view to aim higher

    yeah true…& like i said haters are also a part of ma inspiration

  4. Walahi, blogging thing ain’t easy joor…especially all the “gettin in2 the mood” stuff…and as for the haters, leave dem, na handwork!!

  5. will you like put up something already!!!

  6. hilda says:

    you are way more fascinating than i thought….. Keep it going man!!!!!

  7. obi_jay says:

    don’t mind them jare…without ’em haters, u jst feel so satisfied. So keep it moving, they should always remind you that you can do better. πŸ™‚

    …and btw u aint following my blog yet. 😐 .oya sharply follow before i vex…mscheeew!

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