Hi, my name’s Princewill Ejirika and you? doesn’t usually go that way for an informal introduction, it’s usually first name first followed by your name’s abbreviation or nickname then later comes the surname. i.e “my name is Princewill but you can call me Princee or my friends call me Princee” bla bla bla. By the way my friends dont call me Princee & i prefer not to be called Prince, it’s kinda common already. I prefer my name in full as ‘Princewill’, to be the Prince with a will as some of my friends fondly interpreted the meaning of my name. Besides whats a Prince without his Will? *wink*
Arghh…i hate introductions it kinda brings out that shy part of me, enough said. No need for my middle name it’s reserved for use by mostly my mum as my pet name & family to tease me with. You probably already know me by my screen alias “COOLPRINCEE” which is also my ID on almost all social network etc which i’m registered on i.e FaceBook, Twitter, Mig33, 2go, myspace, skype etc etc. I’m a bit of an internet junkie to say the very least & now i have a blog,it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna make my internet addiction any better. By the way this is 2011, i mean, what is internet addiction when so many people now use the internet on daily basis with their laptops, smart phones, tablet pc’s & the likes of them. Besides every body has an addiction whether good or bad, whether you know it or not & whether you choose to admit it or not. This is just by ‘the way and by the bush’ as one of my secondary school teachers used to say back then, as for me when i bring up something extra i usually say “I’m just saying”, you might be hearing more of that later!
I attended one Primary school like that which at the time was close to my neighborhood then a secondary school which was not close so i enrolled as a boarder & proceeded into a university which i was able to secure their admission to study a course which wasn’t part of my childhood dream.
I hail from Abia state so i’m a confirm Igbo boy *Igbo kwenu– hailing in igbo language* but i’m not a tribalist though, just proud of my roots & i hope you’re proud of yours too. I appreciate our ethnic diversity at the very least even though it’s one of the main cause of Nigeria’s problems on the good side it has given us many good things like Hausa man’s suya, Yoruba woman’s amala, Uhrobo woman’s Starch, Igbo man’s Spare parts, Calabar girls in general etc etc
I was actually born in the southern part of Nigeria, part of where i found my roots in. I was bread and buttered in Lagos (no mean say i be ajé butter sha)
I’m average height (5’11ft) with average build. Well…i’m an easy goin guy, simple fellow, good looking (fine boy, small pimples but i have dimples ).
*insert all other good things people say about themselves that doesn’t always turn out to be true* yeah yeah!
I may have an innocent looking face as people may think (whatever makes them assume such i know not) but i must confess there’s a tiny little demon locked up somewhere within so i’m no angel neither am i the Grim Reaper, i’m just a normal guy (not so normal by the way) that has both good and bad sides.
People that dont know me think I’m shy & quiet but my real friends know i’m quite CRAZY (not Lindsay Lohan kinda crazy but Jim Carey kinda crazy ) I love to laugh so i enjoy cracking jokes as one of my hobbies. I have a very good sense of humour, i think my sense of humour is higher than my IQ so if my sense of humour is measured by IQ standards it’s safe for me to assume myself as a Genius, that is Humour Wise. Hey I’m just hyping myself, i have the right to. Dont i? I may not be funny to you but I’m funny to me & a couple others. If i cracked a joke that didn’t make you laugh it’s most likely as a result of your lack of humour & understanding, either way i had a good laugh too bad you didn’t :p *tongue out* .
What i’m just trying to say here is that i love to laugh so if there’s no Adam Sandler or Chris Rock by my side i can get the job done by myself. There’s really almost nothing as good as a good laugh, well maybe sex but as the case may be there’s sometimes a feeling of guilt after sex *insert several causes here* but laughter? I don’t think so!
Hey this is adult talk close ur eyes if you’re less than 14years old & you’re reading this. 14years old i said, you heard me right, children of nowadays don spoil well well oh, don’t even think of asking me what i did or didn’t know when i was 14.
As for me if it’s a blind old woman that tripped off a banana peel & fell into a septic-tank a.k.a soak-away pit that makes a good laugh, Hell Yah I’ll laugh my ass off. OK…but honestly if it’s a real life scenario I’ll definitely prevent it from happening if i can anyway (just trying to be sensitive). As for the example “I was just saying” but i come to think about it i just realised sex and laughter could be similar in ways, you think about it. I may blog about it someday.
*someone taps me from the shoulder and whispers into my ears saying “you’re supposed to be talking about yourself here & blog! Whats all the other stuff about?”
Where was i again?
**scrolls up to read then scrolls down again**

Ok…ok…well…this is my blog
remember the name,
it’s titled
“The Witty Will of Coolprincee”
dont bother asking how i came about that, i’m thinking i should change it, just not sure yet, the other option is
‘Willful Thinking: a picture of my mind in Words’
Please feel free commenting on this post after reading it and i’ll appreciate suggestions on any other suitable title you might have or which of the Titles you prefer. Also try make comment & be as honest as possible, just say whatever you wanna say about it, nobody is gonna bite you..well at least not me. I really know what you think about my writings because thats part of the fun of it; expressing oneself and hearing other people’s candid opinions about it.
There’s a button for sharing this post on facebook and twitter so please use it if you like the post. Dont forget to visit again, there will be more exciting posts coming your way soon. You must have noticed the blog is not looking quite lame, i barely know how to manipulate it yet but soon when i master the controls i’ll be able to apply my creative genius to make look better for now it’s just good enough for you to be able to read all the jibber jabber i wrote. I’m not trying to win an orange prize for fiction here *duhh* I’m just having fun with my keypad while trying to introduce myself and blog in a kinda grotesque way *geeky smile*
I’m actually quite new to this Blog thing, i picked interest after reading a few reading interesting blogs. I have always wanted to write, i find the creativity of writers fascinating so part of my wants to be one, so here i am kick-starting my writing semi-writing career as a blogger. Maybe someday i would own a book to my, 2a exercise book maybe or at least my own biography because at a point in my life i’ll want to tell the story of my life so the world gotta listen but till then i remain your one and only……yours truly….you already know.
Also please do register/subscribe to this blog so you’ll be notified of new posts in the future.

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About coolprincee

I deleted the previous Bio bcos it was a bit Clumsy but more Ostentatious. I'll try to figure out myself more before i write about me again, i problem is that i'm kinda unpredictable in my moves i i keep changing. It's like trying to take a standing pic of a running horse.
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  1. trendy says:

    I lyk!

  2. was pretty long for an intro, but you how it gets, i had to read to the end…was worth it jare…bread N buta, not ajebuta and the 2a ish

    wetin u even do for i4 years sef??

  3. Jennyphar says:

    I like both titles so which ever one you choose is good.Nice way to start!Welcome to Blogsville! 🙂

  4. coolprincee says:

    thanks Jennyphar…you’ll be seeing more of me 🙂 pls do follow my blog…i’m already following yours…Gracias

  5. ...madvirus says:

    bad boy….bt nyce ma bby .im happy u finally here. Nt bad @ all 4 a start. Kip it flyin high! …..madvirus!

  6. iamdeepee says:

    Lolz …. nice one bro … but I know some stuff u did when u are 14 that are not here … can’t wait for the next chapter ….

  7. ladetawak says:

    very long for an intro. good sha. lol @ bread and butter (not ajebota)

  8. obiajulu50 says:

    nyc1…i’m new too…pls follow my blog. *follow??…wondering why they used that…thought that was exclusively for twitter…lol*

  9. coolprincee says:

    Unless someone else has used that…i might hav just invented something new 😉

  10. Shevvin says:

    U all be omo ajebota
    Na who go answer this question
    When u dey 14 years old u no ………
    I cant talk so much!

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